We buy simple online businesses

Build passionate audiences
— then supercharge them with digital products people love.

Our Secret Sauce...

That's right, we're going to go ahead and tell you.

Our secret sauce is digital products.
Why? 90%+ Profit Margin, Instant Delivery, Infinite Scale.
In the digital age, there's nothing quite like it.

So what's a digital product?

  • Online education courses & trainings.
  • Online memberships & private communities.
  • Online experiences and apps.
Our Secret Sauce

Not ready to sell?
Partner with Oval.

We also partner with select online businesses to create digital products that people love, and create a new revenue channel.

Who do we partner with?

  • Media & Content sites
  • E-commerce & FBA
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Marketplaces

If you have a business with a passionate audience, digital products can create increased profit and stable diversification.


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How we buy a business.

Selling your business is far-too-often a miserable journey. From long, stretched out negotiations to buyers who don't understand your audience or culture. At Oval, we keep it simple. This is our process:

30 Days

From introduction to purchase, 30 days is our target and we're good at hitting targets.

7 Days

We make up our minds quickly and prepare our offer in 7 days.

Fast Diligence

We're not just investors, we're founders, so our diligence process is fast and easy.


We walk our sellers through every step of the transaction and that makes them happy.


We like to keep terms simple with cash upfront.


If you're serious about selling your business, you'll hear from us quickly.


We love the companies and partnerships we have — enduring brands that customers love.


Success Resources Podcast

Worldclass thought-leaders


180 Drums

Online drum lessons, like netflix for drummers.


Drum Magazine

Iconic drum brand, one of the oldest magazines in the industry.


Hybrid Growth

Client acquisition training, with a focus on LinkedIn marketing.


Masterclass Coaches

Business academy for coaches, how to get clients.


Fish Keeping World

All things fish, millions of aquarists visit every month